The Basics of Whole Food Supplements

Whole Food Supplements

The primary reason that whole food supplements are gaining in popularity is that many people are starting to educate themselves on the kinds of supplements they are taking and how exactly the body processes them. Most of the supplements on the market are synthetic isolates of real vitamins and minerals – those that your body is not capable of absorbing well.

Most of the multivitamins and other supplements made from poor synthetic isolates actually have less than 50% efficiency, which means that the body is actually absorbing less than half of the vitamin, and even less comes to use. Depending on the quality of the synthetic, the rest of it is waste. More and more people finally begin to see that the real thing is always better than a supplement. For example, eating a whole orange is always the better to do than taking a vitamin C pill. Whole food supplements are aiming to be as close to the natural product as possible, thus helping your body absorb as much of the nutritional vitamin and mineral contained as possible. Although they may be more expensive, they are nonetheless more powerful, which means that you are making a better investment. To put it in other words, the standard and cheap multivitamin is what you would call the fast food of the supplement world.

What Are Whole Food Supplements

You might be wondering what a whole food is, and what are whole food supplements. Whole food is by definition the food that remains unprocessed or unrefined. To put it simply, it is the food in its natural state. It should be obvious why whole food supplements are easier for the body to absorb; it is because they try to mimic the natural state of food. In most cases, whole food supplements are nothing more than fruit that have been compressed into pills. In order for a supplement to fall in the whole food supplements category, it should be completely made of unprocessed food. Clearly, this creates quality standard concerns because of the possibility of contamination when handling raw food products. If you are looking for whole food supplements, search for companies with a high level of quality standards and certifications.

Some argue that, ultimately, it is actually better to try to change your eating habits instead of opting for whole food supplements. Some people see it as such that it would be better if you just start eating raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis instead of taking them in the form of pills – whole food supplements. This is actually a great way to provide your body with fiber. Because raw fruit, especially vegetables, have a lot of indigestible fiber, eating them can greatly reduce your daily calorie intake. Your stomach will always be partially full with fiber and you consequently will not feel hungry. This essentially means that while you are eating raw fruits and vegetables instead of taking pills you are working towards weight loss without realizing it. But, realistically, with your on the go busy lifestyle – you often do not make time to prepare and plan meals to consume throughout the day. Whole food supplements serve to fill that gap.

Recommended Whole Food Supplements

When you are shopping, make sure that the whole food supplements that you are considering are from a supplier that has high quality standards so you can be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. NutraBurst by Total Life Changes is one of the best whole food supplements on the market. One tablespoon provides your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in addition to 13 Whole Food Greens. And, the best part is that NutraBurst is in a liquid formula, making it more absorbable by your body.

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