Emus and Pure Emu Oil? Oh My!

Emu Oil

The Emu is a native Australian bird that nowadays is being bred in many different countries around the whole world. It is highly valued for its meat, eggs, feathers, leather. Most recently the oil that comes from this big bird species has started gaining popularity in both medical and cosmetic industries. This oil really is amazing and as you will see in this article it has a lot of properties that really make it valuable.

The Scoop On What’s In Pure Emu Oil

Some of the things that pure Emu oil has which are very important include vitamins E and A which act as a healing agent and skin repairer respectively; Sapogens which soften the skin and Terpines, which is an anti-septic agent; Oleic acid – Omega 3 Fatty acid; Linoleic – Omega 6 fatty acid which reduces muscle aches and joint pains and Oleic – Omega 9 Fatty acid which has anti-inflammatory effect similar to the one of the drug Ibuprofen; Bacteroistatic that inhibits the growth of bacteria; and many more.

The fatty acid that is contained in the oil is something that our body is capable of producing, so the only way that we can receive it is by eating food that contains them. Another way is by taking pure Emu oil capsules. And, Emu oil can be effectively used externally – by rubbing it on the skin.

What Can Pure Emu Oil Do For You?

Some of the things that pure Emu oil can help include anti-aging because when we get older our skin starts becoming paper thin, but thanks to the regular application of pure Emu oil it can look younger and healthy; wrinkles and acne, since it is able to penetrate the skin deeply and clean them up; arthritis, which is one of the worst wide spread conditions that people suffer from; bites from insects and bee stings; sun burns, wind burns or any other kind of burns for that matter can heal faster by using emu oil; eczema; cracked, sore or dry feet; and many more. Pure Emu oil is also known to give hair a great and natural shine as well as conditioning it and stopping any split ends, and in some cases could even stimulate the hair follicles to start growing again.

Thanks to the pure Emu oil’s ability to completely moisturize the skin and soften its appearance of any wrinkles, the cosmetic industry has started using it in quite a few of their products.

Chiropractors and masseurs have also found that pure Emu oil can help the muscles relax and could in fact improve a patient’s treatment from any sports-related injuries. Stretch marks can also be treated and reduced by continually using the oil. Hemorrhoids can also be alleviated by the use of pure Emu oil.

Even now, researchers are still continuing to study pure Emu oil and the various effects that it has on many different ailments that cause us discomfort. Interesting enough, if you have a pet that suffers from some sort of chronic ailment such as arthritis, pure Emu oil can also be of great benefit for your pet too.

Recommended Pure Emu Oil

As you can tell, this product is a wonderful discovery in more than one area. It comes as no surprise that it has started growing in popularity on the market as a stand-alone product. Many companies now offer pure Emu oil which can be bought and used at home for various reasons, including Total Life Changes. Total Life Changes offers a pure emu oil that is certified 100% pure, meeting all AEA Certification Standards. Try it and experience its multi-purpose benefits for yourself!

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